Testimonials from Campers: 
"I learned a lot and changed over the years at camp. I have become a better person in many ways."
- 2013 resident camper, age 14

"I've made a lot more friends and they've shown me I can be me even if others judge." 
- 2013 resident camper, age 14

"All of the encouraging speeches made me so confident about myself!"
- 2013 resident camper, age 10

"You learn to be yourself here and not judge!" 
- 2013 resident camper, age 14

"I have better friendships with people from school that I didn't know that well. Camp has made me more social and outgoing." 
- 2013 resident camper, age 14

"Camp has changed my perspective on life." 
- 2013 resident camper, age 13

"I have become my own person at camp."
- 2013 resident camper, age 16

"Even though I am from out of town, I made new friends."
- 2013 resident camper

"Camp has helped me be more able to work together easier." 
- 2013 day camper, age 11

"I became more trustworthy and I'm not as timid as I was." 
- 2013 day camper, age 10

"Since I've been going for like four years, I've changed a lot because I used to be really shy and I'm not afraid to express myself." 
- 2013 day camper, age 9

"Camp has helped me make new friends and reconnect with old friends."
- 2012 day camper, age 13

"I am very active at camp." 
- 2012 day camper, age 12

"I love camp the way it is." 
- 2012 day camper, age 11

"There are no bad things about camp!!!"
- 2013 day camper, age 12

"[My counselors] made us laugh and helped us with our troubles. There was nothing bad about them."
- 2012 day camper, age 12

"I learned that at camp I can be who I want to be because no one cares what you do or say." 
- 2012 day camper, age 12

"All the activities were great." 
- 2012 resident camper, age 12

"I would never change our weird and funniness in camp because you can just be yourself." 
- 2012 resident camper, age 11

"I've met a lot of of people that greatly impacted my life in many ways over the years I've spent at camp." 
- 2012 resident camper, age 13

"I can be myself at camp, and you don't have to care about your hair and how you look."
 - 2012 resident camper, age 12

"I've realized that I can live without my phone." 
- 2012 resident camper, age 12

"I learned a lot more about stuff like nature and roommates from camp." 
- 2012 resident camper, age 10

"I learned that being a counselor can be very rewarding.  Watching and even helping campers grow and become people is an awesome experience. I like the teambuildng because it brought us closer together as a group."
- 2012 CIT camper, age 16

"This CIT program was the best!  This has been one of the best summers of my life. Definitely a summer to remember." 
- 2012 CIT camper, age 16

"My personal experience as a CIT was PERFECT, AMAZING. I seriously had a blast....I learned to take charge of a class and not get scared (public speak). Most of all I learned what it actually meant to be a role model and myself. 
- 2012 CIT camper, age 16

"My counselors were very encouraging to the LITs. They tried to teach us the best they could about exactly what being a leader is all about. They nudged us along but only so much that we began to do things on our own. They taught us life skills we need to know but taught it in a way we understand. Plus they’re both really nice!"
- 2011 LIT Camper, age 15

"Our counselors taught us right from wrong and were the best counselors EVER!"
- 2011 resident camper, age 12    

"I liked that our counselors treated us like adults but, kids at the same time."
- 2011 resident camper, age 13

"Lloyd and Stimpy  (counselors) were able to teach me how to live my life to the fullest and how to be myself."   
- 2011 resident camper, age 13

"Both amazing, helpful, caring, kind, supportive, good role models, happy."
- 2011 day/resident camper, age 11

"[My counselors are] so cool and if I could rate 1-10 how much fun they are I would have to break the scale to 10,000."
- 2010 day camper, age 10

"[My counselors] are the best counselors ever and the funniest people in the world."   
- 2010 resident camper, age 12

"Skittle and Kanga were GREAT counselors! They always knew the right answers and followed the 4 core values!"
- 2010 day camper, age 11

"[I love the] casualty of everyone around not depending on age, race, and personality.  You always feel comfortable." 
- 2010 day camper, age 14

"At first I was nervous, but now I have good friends." 
- 2010 day camper, age 10

"I never used to want to play outside, but now I do." 
- 2010 day camper, age 12

"I became stronger and learned to be myself."  
- 2010 resident camper, age 11

"I have changed since I went to camp. I learned how to make new friends and to get out of my comfort zone." 
- 2010 resident camper, age 11

"I have developed more skills in archery, athletics, hiking, kayaking and other things."  
- 2010 resident camper, age 11

"At first I didn't want to go, but now I want to come again sometime."  
- 2010 resident camper, age 13

"You learn patience, make new friends, and grow as a person." 
- 2010 resident camper, age 15

"I got a lot more comfortable with people and was being myself." 
- 2010 resident camper, age 14

"Camp makes me a better person.  It also teaches me how to cooperate with other people."  
- 2010 resident camper, age 10

"I learned not to make fun of other kids." 
- 2010 resident camper, age 15

“Yes, I am courageous and responsible while having fun.” 
- 2009 day camper, age 12

"I think I've grown up a lot." 
- 2009 resident camper, age 13

"I actually kept clean." 
- 2010 resident camper, age 8

"I met a lot of new friends.  I can act myself at camp and I love it.  No one judges here at camp." 
- 2010 resident camper, age 14

"It shows you should play outside more and have more fun." 
- 2010 resident camper, age 12

"...I've made tons of new friends, and I've learned to express myself and just to be myself and believe that nobody will judge me." 
- 2011 day camper, age 12

"I finally get to be crazy because you can't at school."  
- 2011 day/resident camper, age 10

"Because of camp, I have learned to always have my fun and goofy mood." 
- 2011 day camper, age 10

"It made me a better swimmer."  
- 2011 day camper, age 9

"Honestly, looking back at our adventures, I truly enjoyed my LIT experience.  I learned a lot about how to deal with people, that in order to be a leader you have to make sacrifices.  An example is when we had to try and build shelters without trees.  I had to step up and take charge, and it taught me that different people work better under different types of leadership."  
- 2011 LIT camper, age 15

"I learned a lot about being a leader in this program.  I got--somewhat--the experience I was expecting.  I didn't think it would be so mentally encouraging.  I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone and I adapted to the changes well--I went WAY out of my box!" 
- 2011 LIT camper, age 15

"I had a lot of fun in the LIT program.  I learned a lot of patience and that it's easy to point fingers, but a huge part of maturing and of this program is to be able to take responsibility for your own actions."
- 2011 LIT camper, age 14

"I have changed so much from camp.  I learned to do so many things I probably never would have done."  
- 2011 resident camper, age 12

"My experience in CIT was unbelievable.  It was so much fun being around the campers and acting as a role model and an example to kids younger than me.  This is exactly where I want to work.  The feeling you get from teaching kids how to sail or make a friendship bracelet is just the beginning.  It's so rewarding when you see them succeed after they try so hard to make it happen. Watching them brings me back to when I was a camper and how I have learned life-long skills from all my experiences at camp.  Another thing I was really happy about during CIT was seeing how caring the campers were for each other, and it really reminded me how everyone should act.  Overall, I love CIT and can't wait for next summer."
- 2011 CIT camper, age 16

"At camp, I can be myself without being called weird while at school I can't.  And I think I would not be the same person without Y-Owasco."  
- 2011 resident camper, age 11

"I opened up because when I did the talent show I wasn't as nervous because they teach you to open up."
- 2011 resident camper, age 8

"I've learned to live my life to the fullest and how to be myself." 
- 2011 resident camper, age 13

Below are campers' answers to the question, "Have you changed at all becauase of your time at Camp Y-Owasco?"  
- “I think I’ve gotten a little more confident around others and in general.” - 2009
“Yes, because I am not afraid to do things that I don’t usually do.”  - 2009
“I have made new friends and I am getting exercise.” - 2009
- “I learned about friendship and honesty and also how to deal with problems.” - 2009
- “I’ve learned to be myself and do and say things I would never do on a normal basis. This camp is like my other home.” - 2009
- "I became more confident."  - 2009
- "I learned about trust!" - 2009
- "I feel better about who I am." - 2009
“I have changed because I have learned to stay away from home for a week without my family.”
- "I've gotten more confident around people." - 2009
- "I've made new friends.  I like to be outside more than I did." - 2009
- "I've lost weight!!" - 2009
- "I've changed by being not afraid of spiders, to be responsible, and honest." - 2009
- "Yes, I have because I've been noticed a lot." - Muhammed, age 7, 2010
- "I am more responsible and more behaved." - Kyle, age 11, 2010
- "Yes, now I do a lot more teamwork" - Aiden, age 9, 2010
- "[I learned how to] definitely not fight with my brother now." - Hailey, age 12, 2010 
- "Yes, I have become more active with nature and how much I enjoy being outdoors. - Tyler, age 13, 2011
- "I feel comfortable in the water."  - Marissa, age 8, 2011
​- "I made more friends and have learned tons of new skills and new games." - Kayli, age 12, 2011
- "I think I might have got a little bit better at soccer." - Male camper, age 9, 2011
- "I spend more time in nature.  I feel like I can connect with people a little better." - Mubeenah, age 10, 2011
- "I've changed my dance skills to better dance skills!" - Ahtatiana, age 8, 2011
- "I know a lot of things I didn't know about and I like them."  - Sydney, age 9, 2011
​- "Yes!  I've become less shy and more out to the world!!!!" - Marki, age 12, 2011
- "I've learned how to be a bigger person." - Abbie, age 13, 2011
- "Yes, more confident in life." - Troy, age 15, 2011
- "Yes, I came out of my shell." - Billy, age 11, 2011
- "I have changed my attitude a let loose more." - Rhianna, age 13, 2011. 
- "Became more independent. Learned to be nicer to others. Bettered my athleticism." - Eric, age 15, 2011
- "I am more respectful." - John, age 14, 2011
- "Yes, I've matured a lot." - Pete, age 11, 2011
- "I have become more confident."  - Alexis, age 14, 2011
- "I have changed because I'm better at working together with new kids." - Nevin, age 10, 2011
​- "I have grown as a person." - Keyanna, age 15, 2011
- "Yes, I have because I am more sympathetic." - Samantha, age 14, 2011
- "I became more helpful." - Anonymous camper, 2011
- "Yes, because I'm one of the oldest boys and I have to set an example for the Wampums." - McCrea, 14, 2012
- "Yes, I have kind of learned how to swim." - Sierra, 9, 2012
- "Yes, I can be myself and I can believe in me." - Francesca, 9, 2012
- "I'm starting to try new things." - Abigail, 10, 2012
- "I became more social." - resident camper, 2012
- "Yes, I have changed. I have made new friends and made new skills." - Stratton, 12, 2012
- "Yes, I have more teamwork and cooperation." - Hannah, 13, 2012
- "I've made many new friends and I'm more open minded to new things." - Cassie, 13, 2012. 
- "Yes, being nice to sister." - Dylan, 8, 2012
- "Yes, I have realized how fun outdoors is." - Kellen, 12, 2012
- "Yes, because I will be good when I go home." Alexandra, 10, 2012
- "I'm more confident." - Bobby, 12, 2012
- "I've become less afraid to get dirty and less afraid of bugs. I've also stopped complaining." - Erica, 14, 2012
- "Yes, because I learned to just be myself and be more outgoing." - Brianna, 15, 2012
- "I realized that I don't have to wear makeup and worry about being judged. I can be myself and be crazy." - Morgan, 14, 2012
"Yes, I feel like a different person" - Tyler, 12, 2012
- "Yes, I am not afraid to be myself." - Jessi, 13, 2013
- "I'm more independent." - Christy, 14, 2013
- "I've become more awesome and learned to step out of my comfort zone." - Christina, 12, 2013
- "I try new things and end up enjoying them." - Savanna, 11, 2013
- "I know more about survival thanks to nature, and I've done things here I have wanted to do my whole life."  - Olivia, 12, 2013
- "I've become more cooperative, informed, and active." - Felicia, 11, 2013
- "I've got less afraid of spiders and bug." - Francesca, 9, 2013
- "Yes, because I've learned to be one with nature." - Seamus, 8, 2013
- "I'm more athletic" - Charlie, 8, 2013. 
- "I learned to try new things." - Hannah, 9, 2013
- "I have made many new friends." - Matthias, 13, 2013
- "I have become more responsible." - Samantha, 12, 2013
- "Easier to make friends." - Kasandra, 12, 2013
- "Yes, I haven't had time to get in trouble." - Trayvon, 11, 2013
- "I have changed. I have learned how to accept people easier. This is because of the new kids I met." - Luke, 12, 2013
- "Yes, it made me a better person." - Kalin, 9, 2013
- "Yes, I can talk to people easier and I made new friends." - Griffin, 11, 2013
- I have changed because I learned that it's OK to lose and you can try again." - George, 10, 2013
- "I'm more active." - Alivia, 10, 2013
- "I feel more independent." - Cecily, 10, 2013, 
- "Yes, more responsible." - Jacob, 14, 2013
- "Yes, I became a better person." - Darnell, 15, 2013
- "Yes!! I now can make friends way easier. I also feel like I'm a better leader." - Christian, 13, 2013
- "Yes, having more manners at the table." - Rylee, 11, 2013
- "Yes, I've learned not to let people bother me and I can be myself." - Jenna, 12, 2013
- "Yes, I became more trustworthy of other and made new friends." - Marki, 14, 2013
- "I learned never to be scare of trying new things." - Ellisyn, 15, 2013
- "I have learned to be a leader and how to be myself." - Madison, 14
- "I've become a role model." - McCrea, 15, 2013
- "Yes, lots I wouldn't be able to fit on this page." - Francesca, 9, 2013
- "How to be a good person." - Charlie, 14, 2013
- "To be mature." - Jacob, 14, 2013
- "I learned it is okay to be different." - Meghan, 14, 2013
- "Yes, I've learned you don't label people, you label jars." - Andrew, 13, 2013
- "Never give up." - Ben, 12, 2013
- "I've learned more about the four core values!" - Gracie, 10, 2013
- "I've learned that teamwork and communication are really important." - Jordon, 12, 2013
- "[I've learned] how to always be in a good mood." - Dylan, 13, 2013
- "I have learned how to have a life; I learned to live without my phone." - Meghan, 14, 2013
- "Yes! [I've learned] that you have to work together no matter what!" - Jessica, 9, 2013
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