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Construction Camp is a RESIDENT CAMP (sleep-away) program for youth who have completed 6th grade Construction Campers spend 3 hours per day working closely with an experienced foreman to build something new for camp:  maybe it's a cabin, maybe they renovate one of our existing buildings, or maybe they build a completely new program area!  Regardless, campers leave a permanent mark on Camp Y-Owasco and come home with real, practical skills and experience to build something nice for mom for Mother's Day or maybe even help them land a full-time job down the road.  

We know that campers return to camp every year to see their friends, and Construction Campers will still be able to socialize thoroughly with traditional campers.  These specialty campers are taught safety and carpentry skills by our experienced foreman for 3 hours per day and spend the rest of the time in traditional resident camp activities. They are placed in a cabin with other campers similar in age who may or may not be enrolled in Construction Camp.  Furthermore, Construction Campers will still be able to select two program areas for their afternoon activity periods.  For a list of our program areas, click here to visit the "activities" page.   A typical schedule for Construction Camp is below.  

Safety and Supervision:  Our foreman has DECADES of construction experience and is a camper-parent himself!  Campers are taught construction safety first and wear protective equipment at all necessary times without exception. Construction Camp is limited to ten campers so individual attention takes a prominent role.  Furthermore, two counselors are assigned to the Construction Camp time for supervision and assistance.  

Construction Camp coincides with our first session of Resident Camp for the summer, and includes lodging and meals for a week.  Click here to go to our Resident Camp page to learn about check-in and check-out among other things!

You can also download a PDF document of Construction Camp Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here!

Typical Daily Schedule:

6:30     Early Morning Electives (Optional)
7:30     Wake Up Call- Bathroom and personal prep time.
8:15     Flagpole, songs, thought for the day, announcements
8:30     Breakfast
9:00     Camp & Cabin Cleanup
12:30   Lunch
1:15     Siesta
2:15     Smorgasbord and Free Swim
3:30     3rd Activity Period (program area*)
4:30     4th Activity Period (program area*)
5:30     Flagpole
5:45     Dinner
6:30     Unit Activity or All-Camp Event
8:30     Ages 8-12 Showers
9:00     Ages 13-15 Showers, Ages 8-12 Evening Embers
9:45     Ages 8-12 Lights Out, Ages 13-15 Evening Embers
10:00   Ages 13-15 Lights Out

*For a list of our program areas, please see the "Activities" page in this section.

C O N S T R U C T I O N   C A M P
A d v e n t u r e   E v e r y   D a y
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The YMCA turns no one away for an inability to pay. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Please contact the Auburn YMCA for a camp scholarship application at 315-253-5304 
click here to download one to mail back. A payment plan can also be worked out with the Camp Director. Feel free to contact the Camp Director with any questions.