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For most questions contact:

315-253-5304 x115  September - May
315-784-5481  June - August

General Information:

Camp Y-Owasco (June-August Only):  315-784-5481
Auburn YMCA-WEIU:  315-253-5304

Mailing Address:
27 William Street
 Auburn, NY 13021

Auburn YMCA Fax:  315-253-6153 
(Camp Y-Owasco does not have a fax number)

To send your camper mail while they are at camp:

- You may drop it off at the Auburn YMCA front desk BEFORE 7:00am the day you wish your child to receive it marked as follows: 

(Your Camper's Name)
C/O Camp Y-Owasco

The Auburn YMCA opens at 5:00am. 

- OR for the "authentic mail" touch, you may address it as follows and drop it in the mail with the appropriate amount of postage:  

(Your Camper's Name)
C/O Camp Y-Owasco
Auburn YMCA
27 William St. 
Auburn, NY 13021

Where to Find Camp Y-Owasco:  Camp Y-Owasco is down Firelane 19 off of Sam Adams Lane in the Town of Niles.  Click the red marker on the map below for directions!

From Auburn, take State Route 38A south to Rockefeller Road and turn right.  Then turn right again on Sam Adams Lane.  Follow Sam Adams until you see the Camp Y-Owasco sign below a number "19."  There are directional signs at Rockefeller Road, Sam Adams Lane, and Firelane 19.  (The map below does not have Fire Lane 19 labeled, but it is marked on the road.)  
Where to Find the Auburn YMCA:  The Auburn YMCA is located in downtown Auburn on William Street at the corner of Westlake Avenue.  We are right next to Westminister Church.   Click the red marker on the map below for directions!
To Find Camp Y-Owasco with a GPS Device:  If you can't put the above intersection into your GPS device, try our physical address of 4187 Sam Adams Lane; Auburn, NY 13021. Your GPS device will say you've arrived at your destination directly in front of a house, which is a private residence.  Look for Firelane 19 with a Camp Y-Owasco sign that points down the hill.  

Please DO NOT send mail to this address--the post office directs all camp mail to the Auburn YMCA - 27 William Street; Auburn, NY 13021.  
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