A d v e n t u r e   E v e r y   D a y

At Camp Y-Owasco, our facilities enrich our programs.  Our scenic property sits on 58 acres of hills, woods, and fields. The camp enjoys an impressive 3,300 feet (over a half-mile) of shoreline along Owasco Lake, one of the Finger Lakes of central New York.  Just 9 miles south of Auburn and 45 minutes from Syracuse, our diverse, natural property provides the perfect landscape for recreation, discovery, and adventure for our campers and staff to explore gullies, trails, and forest.  Please explore this page to learn more about our buildings and grounds! 
Y-Owasco Lodge
Our A-Frame Y-Owasco Lodge is the primary indoor space at camp.  It includes a dining hall, where we eat meals during resident camp, the kitchen, the camp store, and a custom-built deck overlooking the commons, waterfront, and amphitheatre. The dining call can seat about 150.  
The Waterfront
Our expansive waterfront occupies a small portion of our half-mile of shoreline on Owasco Lake.  It includes two docks and 2 floating rafts. Swim sections are defined by ropes with floating buoys.  The waterfront is closed when lifeguards are not on duty.  Groups who would like to rent camp and take advantage of the swim section or boats need to book such facilities and equipment ahead of time with the camp director as they require lifeguard staff that the camp must provide.  
The Cabins
Most of our 13 cabins were built in 2005-2006.  Most sleep 10 people, and a few can sleep more.  They are equiped with screen doors, a fan, and a light.  
The Bathhouse
Our central bathhouse was constructed in 2007 and is where all campers and staff shower, brush their teeth, and use the restroom.  At summer camp, shower time is supervised by staff.  Only the men's side is seen in the photo here.  
The Amphitheater
Our amphitheater and fire ring were constructed in 2009.  The facility seats about 150 people and is situated in a scenic location.  At summer camp, this is the location for our campfires and awards ceremonies. 
Archery Range
Our archery range features several stalls for individual shooters, a back net and a small shelter for storage. (Not seen in this photo).  
Athletics Field
The expansive athletic field features a storage building and PLENTY of room to enjoy any sport or field game one may think of.  There are many times a summer when camp programs play 2 or more field sports at the same time.   Substantial work has been done to the field to minimize erosion.  There is also the North Field, which isn't suitable for field sports, but has tetherball poles, a sand volleyball court, and more open grassy area. 
Challenge Course
Known as "Project Adventure" by staff and campers because of the company who provided the equipment, our challenge course is facilitated by trained staff and provides an excellent resource for strengthening groups and social skills when combined with a teambuilding program.  
Facilities not pictured:  Picnic Area, Infirmary (nurse's cabin), Arts & Crafts Area, Drama Stage.  
Our camp infirmary was remodelled in 2010 and contains our nurses's office and camp director's cabin. The Infirmary contains a bathroom, medical treatment space, and bunks for campers to rest so they may feel better and rejoin the camp adventures!
Picture coming soon!
Rotary Fire Ring
The Rotary Fire Ring serves as a second meeting space for campfires, ceremonies, or other gathering where benches and/or campfires are desired.  The Rotary Fire Ring is more secluded than our Amphitheater and features twin fire pits.  
Osborne Lodge
Serving as the primary building and meeting space on the north side of the property, Osborne Lodge is counterpart to Y-Owasco Lodge.  Osborne Lodge features a dining hall and kitchen and is situated on scenic Rotary Point, the most prominent landmark at Camp Y-Owasco.  From Rotary Point, campers can see for miles both north and south on Owasco Lake.  
Fitts Lodge
Sheltered amidst peaceful forest high atop the camp hillside is Fitts Lodge, a bunkhouse that sleeps approximately 16 people.  Fitts Lodge also features a small kitchen area and a wood-burning stove for camping in the colder months.  
Emerson Lodge
Perched high on the camp hill on an expansive lawn is Emerson Lodge.  Emerson sleeps 14 people and features a bathroom and refrigerator.  In the colder months, groups can stay warm with a wood-burning stove.    
Lean-To Shelter Sites
There are four lean-to-shelter campsites at Camp Y-Owasco:  one along the lakefront near Rotary Point and three deep in the forest we call the "North Woods."  Each site has 3-sided shelters that sleep 3 or 4 campers.  During summer camp seaon, two of these sites are "home base" for our Leaders-In-Training and Counselor-In-Training programs and are sometimes used by tribes who want to camp out in the woods but don't want to camp on the primitive sites in another area we call the "Backwoods."  There is no power in the lean-to sites and the only toilets are primitive pit latrines.