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Groups and Retreats
While Camp Y-Owasco is primarily a summer camp for children, we are pleased to offer our facilities and services for groups to rent during certain weekends during the summer and when available in the fall spring.  Y-Owasco is on the east shore of Owasco Lake, about 9 miles from Auburn, New York.  Camp has 58 acres of woods, fields, hills, and gullies with over a half mile of shoreline on Owasco Lake.  The property includes 13 cabins, 4 lean-to campsites, two lodges, two bunk house-style lodges, and a central bathhouse.  Camp Y-Owasco is divided naturally into two campuses - north and south.  Groups may choose to reserve then entire property or simply half of it.  If multiple groups are staying with us, we encourage them to reserve the facilities they wish because they may have to share certain things, such as a dining hall.  Any time a group visits our camp, all fees include the attention of an on-site caretaker for as long as the group is on property.  

For availability or any other questions, please contact the Camp Director.

To learn more about our facilities, please click here.

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Group Rental Rates: 
For availability, please contact the Camp Director.  

Exclusive Day Rental Options:
South Campus:  $215/day; $110 / ½ day
North Campus:  $160/day; $85 / ½ day
Full-Site Rental:  $355/day; $185 / ½ day 
(This guarantees that your group will be the only group on the rented portion of property, includes dining hall, fields, trails, Amphitheatre & Fire Rings. Does not include cabins, camp sites, staff, programming, and kitchen.  Group will pay for only the cabins or campsites they use.)

Cabins (sleep 10-14)           $25/cabin/night (south campus)
Lean-to sites (sleep 9-12)    $10/site/night (north campus)
Health Lodge (sleeps 4)     $40/night (north campus)
Fitts Lodge (sleeps 14)       $30/night (north campus)
Emerson Lodge (sleeps 16)$30/night (north campus)

Lifeguards   $15/hour/guard

Y-Owasco Lodge Dining Hall     $25/day (south campus)
Y-Owasco Lodge Kitchen   $30/day (south campus)
Osborne Lodge Dining Hall       $25/day (north campus)
Osborne Lodge Kitchen     $25/day (north campus)

Amphitheatre and Fire Ring     $7/hour (south campus)
Rotary Fire Ring $7/hour (north campus)
Athletics Field reservation: $5/day (south campus)
North Field reservation:    $5/day (south campus)
(The Athletics and North Fields are typically open on a first-come, first-serve basis.  This fee should be paid only if you want to guarantee that only your group will be using the field.)

Waterfront Area and Equipment:
Waterfront use can include a number of activities on over a half-mile of shoreline.  A generous swim section includes a non-swimmer shallow area and deeper swim areas.  All swim sections are divided by buoy lines and rafts.  Waterfront-trained YMCA Lifeguards are available to lifeguard swimming, canoeing, kayaking and sailing.  The fee is based on the number of lifeguards needed and the length of request. (Concurrent activities require multiple lifeguards.)

Swim Only:
$21/lifeguards/hour (We require 2 lifeguards for our waterfront)  

Boating Equipment Fee – canoes & kayaks (lifeguard charges still apply)
Auburn YMCA-WEIU Members no fee
General Public$20

Conferences and Retreats:
Should your group require set up for meetings or seminars in one of our Lodges, including tables, chairs, and A/V equipment, the following rates will apply in addition to the building usage fee above if that space is used.  Y-Owasco Lodge and Osborne Lodge are available for large meetings.  If the set-up is desired outside, requested space must be reserved with the camp director for a fee between $5 and $25, depending on the space.  (Reservation fee does not apply if full site is rented.)   

Up to 50 people:  $25
Up to 100 people:  $55
Up to 125 people:  $70

If A/V equipment is desired, please call the Camp Director to see what is available before making your reservation.    

Facilities (not equipment) can be reserved with a deposit of 25% of the total estimated amount prior to a group’s visit.  


A la Carte:
Archery:  $11.50/hour (includes use of equipment and trained staff to run the activity – up to 12 participants)

Teambuilding & Challenge Course:  $11.50/hour (includes equipment and trained staff – up to 13 participants

Ice-Breakers and Games:  $5/half-hour

Large-Group Initiative Activities:  $10 per activity

Activities offered:   Blind Man and the Elephant
Yard Sale
Lord of the Dance

Guided Hike:  $11.50  (up to 13 participants)

Hikes Offered:  Survival Hike (fire and shelter building)
 Environmental Hike (forest ecology)

Outdoor Education Classes: $11.50/ hour

Programming Package:  
Includes:  4 hours of teambuilding, 30 minutes of ice breakers, 2 large-group activities, 1 hike, and 1 hour of archery. 

A custom package can be designed for your group by request!  
Just contact the Camp Director at: melissa@auburnymca.net
Groups and Outdoor Education Brochure​

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