Teen Leadership Programs:  Whether they've been coming to Camp Y-Owasco for years and want to try something different, or whether they're brand new to Y-Owasco and want to learn about leadership and outdoor living skills, our teen programs are for youth who are comfortable in the outdoors, like to be active, want to broaden their horizons, experience leadership, safely exercise independence, take controlled risks, and work around kids.  Both programs span day AND resident camp sessions, so at some point in the session the teenager will be staying at camp for a week supervised by experienced camp staff.  Many participants of these programs report that they've "never made such close friends" and they had the "most amazing" time of their lives.  Many parents report that the best part of both programs is seen after camp is over--results of responsibility, confidence, independence, social skills and other assets that are essential for life after high school.  

Leaders-In-Training (L.I.T.):  The Leaders-In-Training (LIT) Program is for teens going ages 15-16.  LIT is a 2-week  day camp and resident camp program in which teens experience leadership, learn outdoor living skills, and improve group skills while experiencing (and creating!) adventure along the way!  LIT can be seen as the first step to becoming a camp counselor and transitioning out of the traditional camper role.  LIT campers will be put in a group of no more than 10 and challenged by their counselors with problems to solve, tasks to complete, and a service opportunity.  The curriculum includes a multi-day/night canoe trip for the entire group (campers and counselors) on a regional river during the second week, and campers will be taught every skill needed to be successful at this achievement.  LITs are expected to be role models for the rest of camp and at the end of the session, and campers will receive an evaluation as to whether they are recommended to be accepted into the CIT program next summer.  LIT is strongly recommended for those who wish to take CIT next year.  Requires an essay to be completed.

Counselors-In-Training (C.I.T.):  Counselors-In-Training (CIT) is a 3-week, resident and day camp program for teens age 16-17 or going into 11th grade.  There is a special application process for CIT. Please be sure to fill out a CIT Application as well as a standard camp registration form.  Youth who take our CIT program should not only want to improve their leadership skills, they should also want to be a camp counselor!  CIT requires the camper to work with children and be outdoors. Teens in this program will be taught leadership, outdoor living and recreational programming skills, instruction and public speaking techniques, and childcare skills.  CITs are, without question, role models for the younger campers and, while they themselves are still campers, they have opportunities to be seen as assistant counselors during their time here.  CITs will assist in teaching a program area under the direction from an experienced staff person.  At the end of the session, CITs are evaluated for their performance in the program and are given a recommendation as to whether the camp administration should hire them next year.  For youth who eventually want to be Y-Owasco staff, CIT gives them the benefits of learning to interview, learning our procedures, and experiencing much of what a counselor does first hand before applying for the job.  CITs who do well and interview well may be hired.

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