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Now offering online registration!

Parents and Guardians may now register their children for camp online! This feature is not available for CIT. (If you would like to register your child for the CIT program, please click here to download a CIT application, and follow the special instructions.)

To register online for Resident Camp, Day Camp, Construction Camp, or LIT, please follow the instructions below.
Online Registration Instructions:

1.) Click the link below to go to the program registration page on the Auburn YMCA website.

2.) On the drop-down menu that reads "SELECT PROGRAM" find "CAMP Y-OWASCO."

3.) You will be directed to a page with a calendar spread of all the sessions where you will see what sessions are available for online registration and the dates they take place. Please note that there are different sessions listed for boys and girls. (Example: "Resident Camp 1 - Boys" or "Resident 1 - Girls") Camp is co-ed, but registration is done this way for logistical reasons.

4.) Click on "LOG IN TO REGISTER" above the session spread.

5.) Log in:

- Auburn YMCA members: Enter your (THE PAYOR'S) membership ID (located on your ID card under your picture) and your password (your password is your birthdate entered yyyymmdd.)

- General Public who have never registered online: Click on "Sign Up" and follow directions.

- General Public who have registered online before: Sign in using the username and password you used to sign in the last time you registered online for a program of the Auburn YMCA.

6.) Once you have entered your log-in information and/or signed up, click "LOG IN." You will be returned to the session spread calendar that shows when all the sessions are registered for the summer.

7.) Click on "SELECT PARTICIPANT" at the top of the session spread and select the member of your family who will be attending camp (THE CHILD).

- If you do not see your child's name in the menu, click "new participant" and fill out information form.

8.) Check the session(s) for which you would like to register your child. (The ones you aren't able to register for due to age or gender get grayed out automatically.) You may select multiple sessions, but remember that everything you check will be for the ONE child you have currently selected as the participant.

9.) Click "PROCEED."

10.) A box will appear with options for bus stops (Day Camp & LIT ONLY), sleepover add-ons (Day camp ONLY) and t-shirt sizes (ALL SESSIONS - every camper receives a free t-shirt.) Make your choices and click "ADD TO CART."

11.) The Medical History and emergency contact page will appear--please fill out all applicable fields completely. This serves as your medical history form, but not your physical. When finished, click "SUBMIT."

12.) On the "REGISTRATION SUMMARY" page, you have the chance to see what's in your cart and how much it costs. At this point you may remove a session (click the red "X"), add another child (click "add another"), or Check Out.

If you would like to add another child to your receipt, click "ADD ANOTHER." You will be redirected back to the program registration page for the Auburn YMCA where you started. At the initial session spread page you can choose another participant in your family or add a new member of your family to your account. Please repeat the above steps for every participant you add to your receipt.

13.) Once you are finished adding campers to your reciept, click "CHECK OUT" and enter your payment/credit card information on the check-out page.

14.) Check to make sure that all your information is correct.

15.) Check the box for the release and then click "SUBMIT PAYMENT AND COMPLETE REGISTRATION."

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your child is registered for camp!

You will receive an email from us that will contain confirmation of payment for the camp sessions you registered for and information from the camp director. Attached to the email will be PDF documents that will need to be completed and returned to the Auburn YMCA BEFORE check-in or your child will not be admitted to Camp Y-Owasco. No refunds or discounts will be given if a child arrives at check-in without the proper paperwork.
Call the Auburn YMCA with any questions regarding registration at 315-253-5304 or contact usThanks for registering online!
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