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Testimonials from Parents: 
"Camp Y-Owasco was such a great experience for my son.  He wishes he started attending when he was younger.  He hopes to continue and become an LIT and then CIT."  
- 2013 camper parent, submitted online

"It is a great opportunity to have a real summer experience. I love the relationships he has fostered with the counselors. They are great role models for him. I joke and say that it is like a big brother program for him. He spends all school year looking forward to camp and being outdoors! Can't beat that!!"
- 2013 day & resident camp parent

"This was their third year and they are already talking about it for next year!"
- 2013 resident camp parent

"The program areas are so diverse and that allows kids to try new things. Great job." 
- 2013 day camp parent

"Excellent environment for child development in all areas to become good citizens." 
- 2013 day & resident camp parent

"I loved the leadership program. It helped her get ready for the next level." 
- 2013 LIT parent

"Keep doing what you're doing. It works."
- 2013 day camp parent

"[This was the] first time she has done resident [camp], so she learned to be on her own and take care of herself."
- 2013 resident camp parent

"This was [name omitted]'s third year at camp, but his first resident. He will definitely be coming back!"
- 2013 resident/day camp parent

"I felt my child was safe and well cared for, while being allowed the freedom to try new things and make (appropriate) choices for herself." 
- 2013 resident camp parent

"Gives her construction, active, and enjoyable times during her summer vacation." 
- 2013 resident camp experience

"My son got on the bus every day excited. He slept over at optional [sleepover] night and had never had a sleepover [away from home experience] before!"
- 2013 day camp parent

"It's the best camp in this area."
- 2012 day/resident camp parent

"She loves camp and looks forward to it, and it makes me feel good while I am at work that she can be there." 
2012  day camp parent

"[names ommited] LOVE camp - and talk about it all year long." 
- 2012 day/resident camp parent

"Camp Counselors (and their director) are outstanding." 
- 2012 day/resident camp parent

"She helped others, made friends but gave advice, and together they made good choices." 
- 2012 day camp parent

"Very impressed with the quality of the counselors."  
- 2012 day/resident camp parent. 

"[Child learned] how to keep active, stay healthy."
- 2012 day camp parent

"As a parent, it was good to know that my children were safe and having fun at the same time."
- 2012 resident camp parent

"Great staff! Great activities!"
- 2012 day camp parent

"[Name ommitted]'s already talking about resident camp next year!"
- 2012 day camp parent

​"Counselors...made him feel welcomed."
- 2011 resident camp parent

"[Learned] problem-solving skills, slept away from home for first time." 
- 2011 day camp parent

"We love Camp Y-Owasco!  Excellent facility, excellent staff/counselors.  Can't say enough good things about it."  
- 2011 day/resident camp parent

"[Camp Y-Owasco] far exceeded [expectations.]"
2012 day/resident camp parent

"[Camp Y-Owasco went] above and beyond [expectations.]"
- 2012 resident camp parent

"You exceeded my expectations--they love camp."  
- 2012 day/resident camp parent

"It was my daughter's first camp experience this year. [...] Camp Y-Owasco was a 100% positive experience for her.  It feels so good as a parent to have your child come home each day from camp so excited and so happy.  Thank you, Joe (Random), and thank you to each of your amazing counselors!"  
- 2012 day camp parent

"Link (counselor) gave [my child] the self confidence to try and really enjoy kayaking." 
- 2012 day camp parent

"Your camp--from the songs on the bus in the morning to the awards ceremony on Friday--over the top GREAT!" 
- 2012 day camp parent

"I loved walking down the hill into your camp [the afternoon of the awards ceremony] and hearing the sounds of kids having fun from every direction.  Not only kids--the entire staff--100% energy.  It was awesome!  You and your staff do great work and should be very proud.  We will be back next year, along with her two sisters!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" 
- 2012 day camp parent

"My daughters love Camp Y-Owasco.  they have been to other camps, but only love Y-O.  they keep the children active and learn new skills." 
- 2009 resident camp parent

"I love Camp Y-O because my children never come home complaining they were bored.  They learn new skills and make new, lasting friendships." 
- 2009 resident camp parent. 

"Continue with the core values--respect, caring, responsibility, honesty."
- 2011 resident camp parent

"My son loved camp and can't wait until he's old enough for resident camp." 
- 2011 day camp parent

"Continue leadership and social interaction."
- 2011 day/resident camp parent

Parents said we should continue to emphasize the following things in our programs: 
- "Nature activities"
- "Self esteem"
- "Taking advantage of opportunities"
- "Independence"
- "Physical activities.  Your cabin is family--treat them better than your own." 
- "Trying every activity to learn new skills."
- "Health, happiness, and friendship!"
- "Continue respect for nature, respect for peers and authority, physical activity, water safety."
- "Continue friendships and many activities"
- "Continue to teach leadership skills."
- "Physical activity and lifetime sports--healthy bodies and minds." 
- "Encourage independence"
- "The values are the best. The 'old school' away from electronics is AWESOME!"
- "Friendships, teamwork, respect." 
- "Using redirection and positive reinforcement as a way of correcting behavior."
- "Continue to develop friendships with campers and staff." 
- "Continue being role models for kids to look up to." 
- "Treating everyone equally is so important for children to learn." 
- "Participation in trying new things."
- "Making younger kids feel comfortable." 
- "Decision making, interpersonal relationships (you may not be the best of friends with everyone in your cabin, but you can still treat everyone with respect and try to include them), using strength-based approach to build skills (you're shy, but you're so good at artwork, maybe you could help the kids in the talent show with their background set.)"
- "Continue being a great and exciting place for the kids to go." 
- "Promote the outdoors, peer acceptance, independence." 
- "Physical well-being, care for the environment, acceptance of differences amongst peers." 

Parents listed the following reasons for sending their children to Camp Y-Owasco.  100% of parents responding to our parent evaluation said that Camp Y-Owasco met their expectations in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.   

- "Activities, camping - outdoors." 
- "They love Camp Y-Owasco.  Have gone many years!  Look forward to it." 
- "Recommended by a neighbor, get him outside and active."
- "Because he LOVES it and makes new friends and builds his personality."
- "To have a sense of independence, and of course to have the kind of fun they can't have at home." 
- "NEEDED ADVENTURES!  Loves outdoors."
- "Wanted him to have fun and meet new friends."
- "We went to open house and it sounded really fun--and it was." 
- "For an experience they will remember from childhood."
- "Being a wonderful program full of activities and outdoors. Used this as my daycare. She is safe." 
- "Independence."
- "Excellent experience!!" 
- "Keep her moving during the summer, possibly make new friends, independence."
- "To experience being away from home for the first time, learn leadership skills."
- "I grew up in New York, we live in New Mexico, and I wanted my granddaughter to go to Camp Y-Owasco like I did as a kid."
- "Leadership and social interaction." 
- "We have been here four years.  What better place for a kid to spend their summer?"  
- "To have fun and try new things - get the camp experience."
- "For exercise and to experience the outdoors."
- "Because it is wholesome, has great values, and it has beautiful, caring people." 
- "I wanted [name omitted] to get of his comfort zone (and off the couch!) and meet new people & try new things." 
- "I work so they need a place to go where they can be active and have fun." 
- "Because she BEGS me to every year!  She calls it her 'home away from home' and looks forward to it from the day she gets home after her camp session!"
- "They love the outdoors and the friends they make." 
- "I went as a kid and wanted him to experience the same things I did there." 
- "I went to summer camp as a kid and value the time I had and want my daughter to have that also." 

In 2013 100% of parents responding to our parent evaluation said their child increased their physical activity at camp and 98% said their child gained self-esteem or confidence.  

See for yourself what parents are saying about Camp Y-Owasco!  
If you're a camper, parent, or alumnus of Camp Y-Owasco and would like to submit your own testimonial statement for this webpage, please click "Testimonials Home" below.  Otherwise, use the links to see more testimonials of Camp Y-Owasco.  

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