Resident Camp for ages 8-16 is the week-long adventure with memories and friends to last a lifetime.  When youth go to our one-week resident camp sessions, it's our goal to send them back home in better condition than when they came.  (Not necessarily cleaner, though--campers and staff shower, but they still end up dirty!)  Character development, friendship-building, skill-development, and fun are magnified in resident camp.  Campers enjoy 4 program areas, evening programs, all-camp games, 2 campfires, delicious camp food, a chaperoned dance, and enthusiasm and activities people in the "outside world" would call "crazy!"  Our staff live onsite with the campers and supervision and safety are attended to with the utmost importance.  Even our director and certified nurse stay with us overnight every night.  Staff are available around the clock to deal with any issue that may arise.  

Check-In Day:  On the first day of resident camp, (Sunday) campers should be brought to camp between 2:00 and 4:00pm.  At check-in, parents must stay with their kids as any and all medication and archery and fishing equipment are checked in.  Parents will set up an account for the camp store and the camper will receive a head check.  Once a camper is at the cabin, the parents can go and the staff and the campers introduce themselves, go on a camp tour, take swim tests, and then go to Arena, where the campers will choose which program areas they wish to take for their daily activity periods.  Then comes dinner, an all-camp game or event, and opening campfire.  Campers and counselors will also work together as a cabin group to set up a "Cabin Contract" which will be their tribe's rules and goals for the week.  

Check-Out Day:  On Saturday morning, check out begins at 9:30am and ends at 11:00am.  Parents should pick up their child's medication from the Infirmary and then sign out their camper at his/her cabin with the counselors.  

Typical Daily Schedule:

6:30 Early Morning Electives (Optional)
7:30 Wake Up Call- Bathroom and personal prep time.
8:15 Flagpole, songs, thought for the day, announcements
8:30 Breakfast
9:00  Camp & Cabin Cleanup
9:15 1st Activity Period 
10:152nd Activity Period 
11:15Cabin Activity
1:15  Siesta
2:15  Smorgasbord and Free Swim
3:30  3rd Activity Period 
4:30  4th Activity Period  
5:30  Flagpole
5:45  Dinner
6:30  Unit Activity or All-Camp Event
8:30  Ages 8-12 Showers
9:00  Ages 13-15 Showers, Ages 8-12 Evening Embers
9:45  Ages 8-12 Lights Out, Ages 13-15 Evening Embers
10:00Ages 13-15 Lights Out

*For a list of our program areas, please see the "Activities" page in this section.

Resident Camp Signature Activities:  No resident camp session is complete without a dance-party, talent show/cookout night, and awards ceremony!

Does your child have special medical needs?  Click here for more information.  

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The YMCA turns no one away for an inability to pay. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Please contact the Auburn YMCA for a camp scholarship application at 315-253-5304 
 A payment plan can also be worked out with the Camp Director. Feel free to contact the Camp Director with any questions. 

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