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The Auburn YMCA-WEIU has been running organized camping programs since 1904, and there are millions of stories out there because of it!  On this page, we'd like to feature your best memories of camp!  Maybe it's a particularly daring adventure in the gully, a perfect night sleeping under the stars, or the story of how you met your best friend.  Use the form below to tell us your story.  Tell us your first name (or make one up!), which camp you went to (Y-Owasco, Willowbrook, or Edgewater), and the year your story happened (or the years you went to/worked at camp if you don't remember the exact year), and then type your story and click "Submit."  All stories are screened and possibly edited before being posted, and we may not post every story that comes to us.  Furthermore, your camp story might be featured in our quarterly Alumni Newsletter!  
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