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Sailing Skills for Life, Family Camp at CYO - Jake  
My adventure dates back many years.  While in high school, I was invited to attend a family camp session with another family.  Upon our arrival, Doug Buchanan (sp) approached us and asked if we wanted to take a sunfish sailboat out.  Doug knew me as I had been a lifeguard for him and taught him swim lessons.  My friend and I said we didn't have any knowledge of sailing, rigging, tactics, etc.  Doug set us up, gave us a quick lesson and then let us go out.  We experimented, had a great time for the rest of Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday we were giving lessons to others.  The wind came up slightly and we ended spending hours sailing, each solo in our own boats.  That introduction led to my family owning four different sailboats over the last 44 years, sailing during the bicentennial and the tall ships that were able to arrive in New York City during 1976 via Long Island Sound.
Great experience that I was unable to duplicate in my life time.  I have introduced many people to the beauty and quiet of sailing.  

Thanks Camp Y-Owasco

- Jake, year unknown

Submitted 3/8/12

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Campers sail a sunfish to shore at Camp Y-Owasco.