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Rich's First Time Camping, Camp Rotary* - 1949  
It was an end of the school year in the spring of 1948 or 1949 when the Cayuga County Council of the Boy Scouts of America had a father and son overnight for campout for Cub Scouts at Camp Rotary, now part of Camp Y-Owasco. We were in tents in the Iroquois site at the north end of the property.  I don't remember much about the campout, but I can still see my father and his friend Frank (the father of another Cub Scout) looking like drowned rats after the walk from Osborne Lodge to the campsite in the rain.  The only thing on their minds was how soon they could get out of there and go home.  As you might expect, it was my father's first and only campout, but it was the first of hundreds of nights of camping for me, from Camp Rotary to the Adirondacks to Alaska to New Mexico and back.  

- Rich

Submitted 2/17/12
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Historian's Note:  Camp Rotary was a Boy Scout camp adjacent to Camp Y-Owasco to the north from 1930 until 2011, although BSA records show that Scout camping occured on the property several years prior to it becoming an official camp.  By 2010, due to a merger within the local Boy Scout councils, ownership of the Camp Rotary property was in dispute.  In the fall of 2011, the Auburn YMCA-WEIU acquired Camp Rotary and integrated the property with Camp Y-Owasco to prevent development of the site and expand YMCA camping programs.  The Auburn YMCA is happy to welcome the alumni of Camp Rotary into the Camp Y-Owasco Alumni Association.  
Click here for more information about the Camp Rotary acquisition.
One of the tent platform sites on the north side of the former Camp Rotary property.