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Athletics Adventure is a SPECIALTY RESIDENT CAMP for youth ages 8-16 who enjoy physical activity and sports and would like to improve their overall athletic abilities.  Athletics Adventure campers will stay for a week in our cabins and eat in our dining hall, just like traditional resident camp, but instead of the traditional program areas, campers will learn more about sports and improve their athletic skills

This is not your typical "sports camp" where campers choose to specialize in one sport; instead, Athletics Adventure campers choose athletic skills in tracks (described below) they would like to improve upon, and their daily activity periods will feature sports and activities geared to improve their chosen skills.  

Athletics Adventure has many competitive elements built into the programming, but competition is not the focus of this program.  Everything we do at Camp Y-Owasco is built on the foundation of the four core values of the YMCACaring, HonestyRespect, and
Responsibilityincluding Athletics Adventure, and that means that competition is respectful, play is fair, and sportsmanship and cooperation come before competition in every activity.  Unlike day camp sports camps, Athletics Adventure campers belong first to a residential camp community and belong second to a team, and we are responsible to our community first! 

What's a Specialty Camp? 
A specialty camp is a camp session that is programmed according to a specific theme, such as athletics.  Campers in a specialty session participate primarily in specialized activities to learn the skills associated with the theme.  This differs from a "traditional" camp session in that a traditional camp requires campers to choose programming from a variety of generalized program options.  Instruction in a traditional camp session is typically less specific and less comprehensive than in a specialty session.  

How it Works:
Our specialty camps preserve personal choice for campers! Athletics Adventure campers will choose two "tracks," or skill categories, they wish to learn about/improve upon and participate in for the session.  The exact content learned in each track and for each skill will vary by age group.  More information on tracks is below!  

Tracks, Skills, and Activities:
The majority of the time at Athletics Adventure Camp will be spent in three periods in the camper's self-chosen tracks.  What a camper learns and does in each track will vary by the camper's grade.  We will divide the periods roughly by grade in order to offer quality, age-appropriate instruction and fair competition so every camper has the best chance for success.  The tracks and their possible activities are as follows: 

Speedplay:  Foot races, capture the flag, soccer/speedball, & more
Endurance:  Ultimate Frisbee, soccer/speedball, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, distance races
Throw & Catch: Kickball, whiffle ball, softball, flag football, volleyball, 
Footwork:  Soccer/Speedball, obstacle courses, & more

Because most sports utilize multiple skills, campers may play a sport in more than one track, and instructors may vary how the sport is played to emphasize working on the designated skill.  The sports listed above for each track are just possibilities.  

The Ultimate C-Y-Olympics:
Throughout the week, campers compete on special, evenly-matched teams in the "Ultimate C-Y-Olympics.  These Olympics are designed to have activities spanning a multitude of different sports and physical talents so every camper can have a chance to shine. 

What About Fun Traditional Camp Activities? 
Each day at Athletics Adventure will feature one of our popular Smorgasbord free-choice periods, when campers may choose from a variety of traditional camp activities, such as free swim, canoeing/kayaking, archery, riflery, sailing, arts & crafts, etc.  This serves as a break from athletics and gives the camper the opportunity to experience something different of their choosing every day.  Please see the Activities page for a complete listing of our traditional activities!  

Cabin & Camp Life:  
Cabin and camp life in our specialty sessions is very similar to our traditional camp sessions.  Campers are assigned a cabin, or "tribe," with other campers of their gender in their grade in school.  Tribes will have a Cabin Activity every day so they can spend time together as a camp family outside their tracks.  Tribes also eat together and typically do evening activities together.  

Some activities will be unique to each age group, and this may be done in the evening in the form of unit activities.  

Other evening activities may include unit (age-group) activities, all-camp games, an all-camp social/party, or an optional tribe overnight.  

Check-In and Check-Out
Check-In will start at 2:00pm on Sunday.  Staff will greet cars at the top of the hill and direct traffic down the hill when there is space.  Check-in will take place in Y-Owasco Lodge and will include medication check-in, a brief well-being survey, and a head lice check for each camper.  

Check-Out will be on Thursday from 9:30am to 11:00am. Staff will again be managing traffic flow, and we appreciate your cooperation to keep every one safe and property undamaged. You may find your camper in his or her cabin after coming down the hill.  

Typical Daily Schedule:

7:30     Wake Up Call - Bathroom and prep time.
8:00     Flagpole, thought for the day
8:15    Breakfast
9:00     Camp & Cabin Cleanup
9:30     Track 1
11:00   Cabin Activity
12:30   Lunch
1:15     Siesta (rest period)
2:15    Smorgasbord
3:30    Track 2
5:00    Olympic Event
6:30    Dinner
7:30    Evening Activity
9:00    Showers, Embers
10:00  Lights Out

Can Parents Visit?  While with our day camp parents are encouraged to attend the awards ceremony, at any of our resident camp sessions we seek to build independence, confidence, and appropriate peer relationships.  Therefore, we would rather not have parents or guardians visit their campers while they are at Athletics Adventure Camp, even for the awards ceremony, as the time they spend here away from home and family is crucial in attaining that personal growth.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the camp director.  Letters and packages to campers are ALWAYS welcome, though!  Please visit the "Contact" page to learn how.  

Dates and Rates:  Summer 2014
Athletics Adventure runs from 2:00pm Sunday - 9:30 Saturday and overlaps our the first week of our Day Camp 3 session. 
Please see the Parent Handbook for your prescribed check-in time!  

Session                             Dates               Auburn/Skan. YMCA Members*  General Public
Athletics Adventure              July 20 - 26        $310                                                $360

Take $10 off per session if you register by April 1st!

* The Auburn/Skaneateles YMCA is partnering with several Upstate New York YMCAs to extend its member rate for Athletics Adventure. If your child is a member of one of the following YMCAs, you can save $50 per resident camp session by simply including a copy of your membership card with your registration:  
- YMCA of Ithaca & Tompkins County
- YMCA of Greater Syracuse (any branch)
- Clifton Springs Area YMCA
- Oswego YMCA
- YMCA of the Greater Tri-Valley (either branch)
- Watertown Family YMCA (any branch)
- Cortland County Family YMCA
- Geneva Family YMCA
- Fulton Family YMCA
- YMCA of Broome County (either branch)
- Norwich Family YMCA
- Little Falls YMCA
- Mohawk Valley YMCA
(Members of the Auburn & Skaneateles YMCAs receive the member rate for all programs)

To Register, you may:  

CLICK HERE to register ONLINE for Athletics Adventure!

- Click the icon below to download our brochure. Fill it out entirely and mail or hand it in to the Auburn or Skaneateles YMCA. 

- Call the Auburn YMCA to have a brochure mailed to you.  315-253-5304.

- Click HERE to email the Camp Director to have a brochure mailed or emailed to you.  

Registration for summer camp 2014 opens January 2nd!  

The YMCA turns no one away for an inability to pay.  Financial aid is available for those who qualify.  Please contact the Auburn YMCA for a camp scholarship application at 315-253-5304 or click the icon below to download one to mail back.  A payment plan also can be worked out with the Camp Director.  Feel free to contact the Camp Director with any questions. 

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