A d v e n t u r e   E v e r y   D a y

D A Y   C A M P
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Day Camp at Y-Owasco isn't your typical day camp experience!  For one, we truly are a traditional day camp program--where kids actually come to camp to play, discover, make friends, and experience adventure every day in the woods with a lake, trails, and fields, rather than in the city.  Campers are transported to camp on a chartered school bus (see stops below) or parents can choose to drop them off and pick them up.  Campers must bring their own lunch every day.  We also offer free before and after camp care at the YMCA.  There is a certified nurse on-site during operating hours, including the sleepover.  Day camp is for ages 6-13.

Bus Stops (see exact schedule in brochure):  In the city of Auburn. 
Genesee Street Elementary School
Casey Park Elementary School
Lincoln Park (tennis courts)
Seward Elementary School
Auburn High School
Herman Avenue Elementary School
Franklin St. & N. Seward Ave.
Standart Ave & Grant Ave.
Owasco St. & Genesee St.
Owasco Elementary School

In Skaneateles:  Skaneateles YMCA & Community Center

The First Day:  On the first day of day camp, campers are placed into "tribes"--groups of campers similar in age and identical in gender--with at least 2 counselors who are there to supervise and lead the way with fun and adventure.  Once in their tribes, campers are given a tour of camp and take a swim test to assess their swimming ability.  Campers ages 9 and up then go through "arena" to choose their 3 program areas* (daily activities for the session) and then participate in an all-camp event, such as capture the flag, wacky relays, or a similar activity. Campers in the youngest tribes (ages 6-8) rotate through several of our program areas so that we may offer age-appropriate instruction for them and so that they may discover which of the program areas best suit their interests so they can choose more wisely when they are old enough to participate in Arena.  The first day, every tribe works together to set up a "Cabin Contract," which will serve as the cabin rules and goals for the session.  

Typical Daily Schedule:

9:00  Campers arrive and make their way down Hamburger Hill
9:10   Flagpole, attendance, songs, thought for the day, announcements
9:15   1st Activity Period 
10:15 2nd Activity Period 
12:15 Cabin Activity Time
1:15  All Camp Event
2:15  Smorgasbord and Free Swim
3:30  Vespers & Cabin Cleanup
3:45  Flagpole and Honor Cabin
3:50  Climb Hamburger Hill and Board Bus
4:00  Depart

The Sleepover:  The second-to-last day of day camp (usually the second Thursday) features an optional sleepover.  Camp will send a permission slip home with your camper that Monday or Tuesday announcing the date, time, and additional fee for the sleepover and asking for a signature, or you can choose to preregister when you sign up for the camp session.  The sleepover costs $15 and includes 2 meals, programming, and supervision from Thursday at 4:00pm to Friday at 9:00am, when the regular camp day begins again.  We MUST have a SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP  to allow a camper to stay for the sleepover.  At the sleepovers, campers will enjoy an all-camp event or game, a cabin activity, they will cook their dinner over a campfire with their cabin, and a have a blast at our programmed campfire with camp songs and skits.  Campers whose parents elect to not have them attend the sleepover will go home on the bus just like normal, except the bus stop schedule may vary because we generally use only one bus on the afternoons before and the mornings after sleepovers.  

The Award Ceremony: The last day of a day camp session includes an award ceremony to which parents are invited!  The ceremony typically starts around 2:45, but the exact time will be on the permission slip sent home for the sleepover.  


contact us to have a brochure mailed to you!

The YMCA turns no one away for an inability to pay. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Please contact the Auburn YMCA for a camp scholarship application at 315-253-5304 
 A payment plan can also be worked out with the Camp Director. Feel free to contact the Camp Director with any questions.