Day Camp
Day Camp: For ages 6-13.  Our excellent day camp program provides choices for outdoor adventure as well as the arts in a fun, structured, supervised environment.  This traditional day camp program includes free bus transportation to camp, free before and after camp care, and swim lessons.  One- and Two-week sessions are offered.  Click here or on the picture for more information!
Resident Camp
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Resident Camp: For ages 8-16.  At resident ("sleep-away") camp, campers live onsite at beautiful Camp Y-Owasco for a week: Sunday to Saturday.  They sleep in cabins with other campers and 2 counselors, eat in our dining hall, shower in our bathhouse, and spend virtually all the rest of the time having amazing fun and making friends.  All activities--including bedtime--are supervised and facilitated by qualified staff.  Click here or on the picture for more information!  
Teen Leadership Programs
Teen Leadership Programs:  Camp Y-Owasco offers two leadership programs for teenagers who want to learn leadership skills or become a Camp Y-Owasco Counselor.  First, is the all-new Leaders-In-Training (LIT) Program, for youth age 15, or going into 10th grade, which teaches hands-on leadership and outdoor living skills while culminating in an off-site multi-day/night canoe trip. Second is the Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Program, for youth age 16, or going into 11th grade, which teaches teens additional leadership skills and trains them how to be effective Y-Owasco camp counselors. Click here or on the picture for more information! 
Activities:  There are TONS of things to do at Camp Y-Owasco!  We offer several program areas to build skills and experience adventure in a multitude of "program areas."  We offer all-camp games like Zombies v. Ninjas and all-camp events like talent shows and dances.  With everything from athletics to the arts, there's never a dull moment at Y-Owasco, where it truly is adventure every day.  Click here or on the picture for more information!
Group Rentals & Retreats:
Looking for the perfect place to take your church or school group, sports team, Boy Scout/Girl Scout troop, or other group for a retreat or conference?  Camp Y-Owasco offers reasonable rates to stay in our cabins, use our dining hall and kitchen, fields, amphitheater and other facilities on weekends and in the early fall or late spring.  Waterfront and boating equipment use can be arranged, as well as other activities, such as archery.  Click here or on the picture for more information!  
Group Rentals & Retreats
Winter Camp
Winter Camp:  We may not be able to have camp at Camp Y-Owasco in the winter, but that doesn't mean we can't have camp!  Winter Camp is a chance to experience many of the things that make camp so great just when you miss camp the most - in the middle of winter!  Winter Camp is a sleepover experience at the Auburn YMCA that includes camp-style activities and games with the same spirit for adventure that we experience every day in the summer!  We will be both inside AND outside, weather permitting, so be prepared to dress in layers!  Three meals are included as a part of the Winter Camp experience.  For ages 6-15. 


Mini Camp
Mini Camp: 
Mini-Camp is SLEEPAWAY CAMP designed specifically for ages 5-9!  Whether you have a 5 year-old who's already excited about staying overnight or an 8-year-old who's not quite ready for a full week of resident camp, Mini-Camp is the perfect 4-day/3-night adventure for the soon-to-be professional camper! At Mini Camp, we increase the number of staff per cabin and only put our most caring staff in charge of campers. We specialize in homesickness prevention, and activities and schedules are specially designed to appeal to the physical and cognitive abilities of this young age. Regardless of how early the bedtime, these campers are sure to have a blast and make new friends for life. Click here or on the picture to learn more! 

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