A d v e n t u r e   E v e r y   D a y
A d v e n t u r e   E v e r y   D a y
S k i l l   D e v e l o p m e n t :
S e l f - E s t e e m   &   C h a r a c t er : 
Every child is recognized as a unique individual at Y-Owasco.  Our programs are designed and facilitated to build independence and confidence while trying new things and meeting new people. Furthermore, we like to see our campers expand their comfort zones.  Stepping beyond our "bubble" to take some "safe risks," such as singing at the talent show, completing our low-ropes course, or tipping and rescuing a canoe, is the only way we grow as individuals.  At camp, these opportunities abound, and our staff are excited to help each of our campers through them!  
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S E L F - E S T E E M   &   C H A R A C T E R